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4 Dec 2020

Wanna know more about us? Viriathus Drinks is the latest company in the Stosberg Group. We are dedicated to the importation and distribution of high quality mixers and distillates for the national market, with exclusive representation of internationally renowned beverage brands.

The company won several awards. Among them “Best Product Plantation Pineapple Stiggins’ Fancy” attributed by Drinks Diary, a magazine dedicated to the beverage sector in Portugal. “Best Brand Ambassador” awarded to César Coutinho, Co-founder and Manager of Viriathus Drinks. And in 2017, we were also elected “Company of the Year In The Beverage Sector” by the Madeira Bartenders Association and Fever-Tree tonic water the “Best Product”.

We sell various products, from tonic water to cognacs, champagnes, liqueurs and other mixers. Here we explain a little about each of these brands.

First, we highlight Fever-Tree, a British brand of Mixers. With a recent past, it’s been 10 years since its first bottle produced, Premium Indian Tonic Water. Elegance is the word that sums up this brand, always with a balance between the natural bitterness of quinine and the sweetness of the citrus fruits used. On the label and even on the capsule, we can see the Tree of Fever, which gave the brand its name and from which the quinine is extracted, an indispensable element in any tonic.

We also highlight our Gin brands. Among them is Citadelle, a brand launched in 1996 and produced by Maison Ferrand in Cognac. This Gin is made with 19 different botanical elements and uses a unique aging method that intensifies its citrus notes, creating an elegant smoothness in the mouth. Magellan, on the other hand, is a gin made in Angeac. Its name is a tribute to the Portuguese navigator Fernão Magalhães (in Spanish Magellan).

A little further north, Kyrö is a Finnish gin inspired by wild nature. Vegan and gluten-free, it is concerned with environmental, social and resource issues, always trying to be as sustainable as possible. Finally, we present the Angel Gin From Heaven. Our Portuguese Gin! Launched by brothers Nelson and Sérgio Rosado, from the Angels duo. Made from carob from the Algarve, coriander seed from the Alentejo and nine other botanicals, distilled in Portugal.

So we move on to our Giffard, created by the pharmacist Émile Giffard. Interested in the digestive and refreshing properties of mint, he ended up preparing a pure, clear and refined white liquor that was an instant success. Emílio turned his pharmacy into a distillery and named his liquor Menthe-Pastille, in reference to the peppermint candies that were in fashion at the time.

And now we talk about vodka and rum, essential for any cocktail. The Plantation Rum line includes classic, exclusive and vintage that offer all the local knowledge of the Cognac region. All of their products are authentic and express the land that cultivated them. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is a brand of handmade vodka founded by Tito Beveridge in Texas. Its production of corn-based vodka continues to be made in old-fashioned stills in the same land where it all started.

Speaking now of champagnes and cognacs, we mention Champagne Tsarine and Ferrand Cognac. Tsarine pays homage to the bold and courageous young women of the Russian nobility who contributed to Champagne’s international reputation throughout the 18th century. The vineyards that give Ferrand Cognac its distinctive style are planted in the Angeac terroir, in the heart of Grande Champagne, considered the Cognac Premier Cru.

Finally, we mention The Bitter Truth, which offers the most award-winning variety of bitters, liqueurs and cocktail spirits. Just like Funkin Cocktails, which with more than 20 years of experience, supplies some of the best bars and mixologists with their purees and mixers!

To learn more about our mixers and distilled products, just follow our social networks: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.