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The infallible formula for creating your signature cocktails
The secret is balance. Here's the simplest and easiest way to create your signature cocktail! Want to know what is the formula for creating signature cocktails? There are timeless flavors...
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viriathus drinks
22 Nov 2023

The month of November marks the return of cold temperatures, heralded by the decreasing hours of sunshine and the swaying of the golden leaves, which say goodbye to their shelter to the sound of the wind. OGatherings at home turn out to be the perfect program for the weekends – which are filled with Christmas … Continued

4 Oct 2023

Are you aware of all the news from the world of gin? Viriathus Drinks is pleased to present to you, in September, the latest gin from the Citadelle Gin brand, perfect to accompany your late summer afternoons. The world of spirits drinks has been growing at a ferocious rate in the face of growing consumer … Continued

Douglas Laing
8 Aug 2023

If you’re a true spirits enthusiast, you’ve surely heard of the well-known Douglas Laing brand. With a history dating back more than seven decades, this family-owned Scottish distillery has been synonymous with excellence and tradition in the world of whisky. In this article, we will explore the fascinating journey of Douglas Laing and discover what … Continued

3 Aug 2023

The drinks industry is constantly evolving, and one brand that has been gaining prominence recently is Cream Heroes. With an innovative and creative approach, the brand has been winning over the most discerning palates, offering a unique flavour experience. In this article we will explore the distinctive aspects of the Cream Heroes brand and how … Continued

Mancino Vermouth
15 May 2023

If you like to try different aromas, Viriathus Drinks presents a new brand of intense and divine drinks from Italy. The Mancino Vermouth product line includes a wide range of excellent quality vermouths, each with a sophisticated and unique flavor. So you can enjoy the classics, such as Vermouth Bianco and Vermouth Rosso, to the … Continued

13 Apr 2023

The Lisbon Bar Show, known as one of the most prestigious annual drinks and hospitality events, will take place again on 16 and 17 May with the fantastic view of the Tagus River in the Tejo Room at the Altice Arena. This event thus aims to be a networking platform, where brands and professionals in … Continued