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The infallible formula for creating your signature cocktails
The secret is balance. Here's the simplest and easiest way to create your signature cocktail! Want to know what is the formula for creating signature cocktails? There are timeless flavors...
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viriathus drinks
Lisbon Bar Show
12 May 2022

Lisbon Bar Show is the biggest event in hospitality and catering. This year it will take place at Parque das Nações in Portugal. In this sense, the event will take place in one of the largest concert halls in the country. Sala Tejo at Altice Arena will have its doors open to all those interested … Continued

Gin Citadelle Vive Le Cornichon
8 Apr 2022

Viriathus Drinks has a new drink to delight Gin lovers and for all people who like to try drinks “Outside the box”. First of all, are you curious? April is a special month, because a limited edition of Gin Citadelle Vive Le Cornichon was launched. To push the limits of what a gin can be, … Continued

Kyrö Malt
12 Jan 2022

Viriathus Drinks has a new drink to delight whiskey lovers. Kyrö Malt is the first Finnish single-batch 100% rye whiskey.   This whiskey was created by the Kyrö Distillery Company, a rye distillery in Finland. A group of friends wondered why there was no Finnish rye whiskey distillery, despite the grain’s widespread popularity. In this … Continued

christmas giveaway
13 Dec 2021

Viriathus Drinks, in partnership with Fever-Tree and Giffard have prepared for you a Christmas giveaway so you can participate and, who knows, win! We have reached the month of December. The month of Christmas where the trees, the balconies and the streets begin to gain lights. The malls fill the shop windows with red and … Continued

Ferrand Cognac
17 Nov 2021

Ferrand Cognac was created at the beginning of the third century, in the vineyards of Saintonge, France. Emperor Probus extended the privilege of holding vineyards to all of Gaul, but plantations were limited. From the 12th century onwards, expansion took place due to cargo ships coming from Norway. These ships started to include local wines … Continued

4 new rum plantation drinks
15 Oct 2021

Rum Plantation – Trinidad 2009, Australia 2007 and Peru 2006 Plantation Rum, a high quality rum – 3 new Rum Plantation drinks. A brand of excellence that seeks to offer the best runs and that are able to express unique feelings when being tasted. With the arrival of autumn and successively the cold, rum is an … Continued