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The infallible formula for creating your signature cocktails
The secret is balance. Here's the simplest and easiest way to create your signature cocktail! Want to know what is the formula for creating signature cocktails? There are timeless flavors...
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viriathus drinks
10 Feb 2023

Basically, Bitters are one of the essential components to create the best cocktails, offering unique flavors and aromas.  The Bitter Truth is a leading company in the cocktail Bitters market, founded by Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauck, with the mission of filling the Bitters gap in the market.  They are dedicated to using only the … Continued

13 Jan 2023

Fever-Tree is considered a beverage brand of choice and was founded in 2003 by Charles and Tim. It has a wide variety of mixers and it is possible to make more than hundreds of different cocktails. Their iconic mixers contain less than 40 calories, essential for making the best cocktails at home, such as the … Continued

Tito's Handmade Vodka
13 Oct 2022

If you enjoy a good Vodka, you can’t miss out on trying Tito’s Handmade Vodka. With a micro-distillation done in an old-fashioned still, it carries out the same process as that of single malt whiskies and high-quality French cognacs.  Its major differentiating factor lies in its production process, ingredients and label appearance. The bottles of … Continued

Gin Angel
6 Sep 2022

A gin that takes you to the skies with roots in the Alentejo and the Algarve. Confused? Stay on that side, today we share with you the story of the Portuguese gin brand created by the Angels. Yes, the Angels indeed. A gin inspired by its origins It was in 2019, when they were celebrating … Continued

16 Aug 2022

Viriathus Drinks presents a great brand: Giffard.   Giffard – A Quality Brand First of all, the Giffard story began one hot summer in 1885. Emile Giffard is a pharmacist in Angers, in the Loire Valley. Besides being a pharmacist, he was also an inventor, a curious and fine gourmet, who researched the digestive and … Continued

22 Jul 2022

The summer of Viriathus Drinks is unstoppable. We travel all over the country sharing the best cocktails with you. Our month of July is full and August is also expected to be active and always partying. Find out all about this month that is about to end.   July Party with Viriathus Drinks This month … Continued