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Our past

Our story began in 2011 with a dream come true: to help bartenders and consumers conquer the bar by providing them with the best products, ingredients, and utensils.

Founded in 2016, Viriathus Drinks is the latest of the Stosberg Group’s companies and is dedicated to the import and distribution to the national market of mixers and spirits, carefully selected and of great quality, with exclusive representation of internationally renowned beverage brands.

In our product portfolio are major brands among them: Fever-Tree, Plantation Rum, Citadelle Gin, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Funkin Cocktails, Tsarine Champagne, Ferrand Cognac, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao, The Bitter Truth, Giffard, Magellan, Kyro, and Angel Gin. To stay on to everything that goes on in the industry, and getting ready to Conquer the Bar, viriathus drinks is the ideal place.


Our pride

Viriathus Drinks has already been distinguished with several awards, including the “Best Product – Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy”, awarded in 2016 and 2017 by the magazine Drinks Diary and the “Best Brand Ambassador ” to César Coutinho at the Lisbon Bar Show in 2016 and 2017.

It was also elected in 2017 the “Company of the Year for the beverage sector” by the Madeira Bartenders Association and Fever-Tree the “Best Product”.


Rigorous counseling
Trusted Partners
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Trust and Respect
Ethics and Transparency
Excellence and Quality


César Coutinho

Business Unit Manager

T: +351 914 812 171
(call to national mobile network)

Miguel Carvalho

Business Unit Manager

T: +351 963 255 711
(call to national mobile network)

Ralf Schmidt-Stosberg


T: +351 937 234 880
(call to national mobile network)

Ralf Stosberg Viriathus Drinks

Rui D'Almeida

Maison Ferrand Brand Ambassador

T: +351 915 100 558
(call to national mobile network)

Rui Almeida Viriathus Drinks

Diogo Carreiras

Lisbon Area Manager

T: +351 933 585 249
(call to national mobile network)

Matteo Mosetti

Giffard Brand Ambassador

T: +351 937 391 759
(call to national mobile network)

Matteo Mosetti Viriathus Drinks

Sónia Silvestre

Marketing Manager

T: +351 915 090 775
(call to national mobile network)

Sonia Silvestre Viriathus Drinks

André Silva

Customer Care Manager

T: +351 939 318 954
(call to national mobile network)

André Silva Viriathus Drinks

André Miguel

Logistics & Operation Manager

T: +351 915 509 979
(call to national mobile network)

Andre Miguel Viriathus Drinks

Susana Assenção

Customer Care

T: +351 939 954 997
(call to national mobile network)

Tiago Moreira

North Area Manager

T: +351 937 391 654
(call to national mobile network)

tiago moreira viriathus drinks

Cláudia Batista

Customer Care

T: +351 916 753 112
(call to national mobile network)

claudia batista viriathus drinks

Ivone Rebelo

Customer Care

T: +351 939 954 997
(call to national mobile network)

Diogo Oliveira

Brand Ambassador

T: +351 939 584 962
(call to national mobile network)

diogo oliveira viriathus drinks

Lucas Souza

Operador de Logistica e Armazém

T: +351 937 992 705
(call to national mobile network)

André Nunes

Sales & Logistic

T: +351 939 588 569
(call to national mobile network)

Bárbara Teixeira

Marketing Assistant

T: +351 939 588 369
(call to national mobile network)